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Takin’ Care of Business

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I am a busy lady! I am sure is this true for most folks. For our family, we balance two full time jobs, one adult in school, two children, a house, two elderly dogs, one cat, one thriving home based business (aka my Side Hustle). Add to that my time devoted as the Chief Information and Financial officer for Texas Birth Networks and we have one crazy, hectic life. In fact, while reviewing my drafts for this post, it has taken me a solid 6 months to sit down and flesh out a full review of what I consider to be a pretty great product. As you can see I don’t have the time to just sit and wait next a computer for the next trending topic to share. Unfortunately, being the social media coordinator for so many different brands requires that I stay on top of trending topics and articles.

Because of our hectic schedules my most creative, productive times are between the hours of 10PM and 3AM. It may not be every night, but those are most definitely the times that creativity strikes me.  Funny thing is, most people aren’t up at that time of night. So I rely HEAVILY on being able to schedule text messages (thank you Android), emails, Facebook posts, and reminders . I am not afraid to step outside of native features, and use a third party to help me out. I have been using a third-party to schedule Facebook posts for close to 5 years now. However, as Facebook evolved I felt I needed more!
I needed to be able to schedule posts to more than just business pages and my personal wall. I needed to be able to schedule posts to events and groups. Sure the program I was using did schedule to groups, but it was cumbersome and often times I found myself unable to get it to work correctly. How am I, the resident geek, supposed to tell people to use a program that I have problems with? Most people like the RONCO style “set it and forget it” type of computing. I say that when just today I received a ticket at work because a lady was tired of seeing WiFi networks pop up on her iPhone. Technology confuses people, things need to be turnkey, and OBVIOUS. I went in search of something new.

I totally stumbled across PostCron. Now that I think about it, I like how the name is techy, but the interface is pretty simple. I literally click the picture of the page or event that I want to post to and schedule it out. Similar to that last program, PostCron will pick peak times or I can micromanage the time myself. After a couple of my homebirth midwives and placenta memes have gone internationally viral, I LOVE the image watermark feature. The program even has content recommendations. I can type in some keywords. It doesn’t automatically post, but totally gives me things to schedule so my business Facebook wall, Texas Birth Networks Facebook, and our 2016 Birth Roundup Event don’t go silent. Because we all know the only way to stay relevant on Facebook is to be actively engaging users. No new content, means no engagement. No new engagement means can mean anything from, no additional sponsorship dollars for cool birth related events or no tumble classes for the boy geek in training. Regardless, content continues to be king both on static websites and in the world of social media.

Additional PostCron paid features that I have utilized and LOVED are the bulk upload feature and the Instagram scheduler (available on Android). When in the throws of major event planning I need to make a lot of people happy – vendors, sponsors, attendees, and speakers, all need their piece of the PR pie . I am just one person though, and I can only utilize volunteers so much before they are done with me. For Birth Roundup 2016, I was able to upload over 100 vendor spotlight posts and over 20 sponsor posts with a simple excel CSV (comma separated value) sheet. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this feature and it is worth the $10 a month for me to save HOURS and HOURS of monotonous mind numbing work. I also utilized Birth Roundup to begin Texas Birth Network’s Instagram following. I was very grateful that PostCron was able to add this feature to their Android app. Yes, you read that right. I can schedule Instagram posts. That means that I can post to Facebook walls, events, and pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram from a single app. So much time was saved and I was able to schedule most of our social media posts from bed while nursing a baby to sleep, from the couch while watching Game of Thrones, and while on the road.

For more information about PostCron check it out here: http://ssqt.co/Ch3c

Are you a busy Boss Lady such as myself? What do you do to help stay on track, and keep relevant with your online presence?

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